Benelli Foldecity 20 roheline-hõbe

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Mootor: 36V 250W
Aku: 36 V 9Ah
Käiguvaheti: Shimano Tourney - 7 käiku
Laadimisaeg: 4-6 tundi
Tippkiirus: 25 km/h
Sõiduraadius: 70 km
Rehvid: Kenda K924 20x1,75
Rattad: 20" / alumiinium
Kaal: 21 kg
Värvus: Roheline-hõbe
Materjal: Kokkupandav alumiiniumraam
Lisavarustus: Kell / Jalg

FoldCity: flexible and compact

FoldCity is the solution proposed by Benelli Biciclette to have your favorite two-wheeled always with you. The flexible Pedelec, compact and small, it can be inserted with ease both in the trunk of your car, aboard of a subway or train, with totally cost free.

This Benelli e-bikes has an extremely low weight of only 22 kg and a small size, thanks to 20" wheels able to ensure stability and safety, even in the toughest conditions.

FoldCity offers four levels of pedal assistance for each type of route, in urban or suburban street, for a maximum speed of 25km/h and range of 50km. This Pedelec has a very solid Shimano® Tourney 7 speed derailleur and a lithium battery (36V and 6.6Ah) rechargeable in 4-6 hours.

This Benelli e-bike is equipped with smart LED display integrated to the handlebar, where it is possible to control the levels of pedal assistance and the charge level of the battery.

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Benelli Foldecity 20 roheline-hõbe

Benelli Foldecity 20 roheline-hõbe

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