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Sadulakott sks base bag l oranz

Sadulakott sks base bag l oranz

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Sadulakott SKS BASE BAG L. Kinnitub sadula alla. Sees...

Sadulakott SKS BASE BAG L. Kinnitub sadula alla. Sees eraldi tasku tööriistale. Tagaosas kinnitusaas helkurile või lisatulele. Mõõdud 100 x 90 x 160 mm. Kaal 121g. Mahutavus 1,0l. Värvus oranz
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The history of our company began in 1921 when, Karl Scheffer-Klute, from the village of Sundern Germany began manufacturing curtain rods. The company was later taken over by his son-in-law, Wilhelm Blome who acquired a bicycle tyre inflator company in the same village in 1932 and began manufacturing metal pumps. The first model was very successful and Wilhelm quickly began mass production at the restored production site in the Hubertushalle, where the SKS Communication Centre »ORANGE WORLD« is located today. The decisive breakthrough came in the 1950’s when the manufacture of bicycle tyre inflators made of plastic was implemented. In 1959, his son, Wilhelm Blome Jr., joined the family business. The stage was set for further growth in 1983 with beginning production of mudguards. By the 1990’s, SKS was delivering original bicycle parts to 90 countries worldwide as the market leader, and even today, SKS is one of the leading manufacturers of quality accessories for the international competitive cycling segment. Willo Blome, fourth generation of the family, and his business partner Michael Beste have made their mark as CEOs of the company.


High-quality mini-pumps and frame pumps, precise air pumps and the original product, the SKS-RENNKOMPRESSOR define the bicycle air pump range. Even in the area of spray protection (fenders), new developments drive the victories that SKS has attained in the bicycle accessories segment. Compact bicycle tools, chain guards, bottles, bottle holders and seats have also been integrated into the SKS range of products in order to provide for even more comfort and safety while cycling. The quality stamp MADE IN GERMANY is reflected in the high standards for quality, functionality and design. This is because SKS products are developed at the in-house Research and Development departments with our years of experience and creativity and are then rigorously tested. The many awards such as the RED DOT and the EUROBIKE AWARD, the title »Führender Anbieter für Fahrradzubehör« (Leading supplier of bicycle accessories) and the many, excellent test ratings in renowned trade magazines speak for themselves.


The global market has created an environment in which it is a challenge (and a passion) for traditional companies to continue to competitively manufacture in Germany, and to provide employment to over 300 employees in the region. In addition, up to 30 young people are continuously in training at SKS for a future in business.  SKS has been awarded the seal of approval with the title of »Ausgezeichneter Ausbildungsbetrieb« (Excellent Training Company). Youth and amateur cycling sports clubs and regional cycling events are regularly supported by SKS. The annual Mountainbike Festival, »Mega-Sports«, takes place in Sundern where participants from all over the world attempt to conquer Sauerland’s heights in this challenging SKS Bicycle Marathon. Professional bicycle equipment is proudly produced in Sundern and displays the distinctive logo in the characteristic SKS orange. A color that represents strength, action and progress and blazes like the fire which has burned tirelessly in the heart of the company for over 90 years.

Read more: http://www.sks-germany.com



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