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Tagatuli sigma nugget flash ii

Tagatuli sigma nugget flash ii

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Nugget Flash, USB laadimisega väike aga võimas tagatuli....
Nugget Flash, USB laadimisega väike aga võimas tagatuli. Nähtav kuni 400m kaugusele.
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The birth of mountain biking has changed the bicycle in its meaning and in its application from a pure transport vehicle to an image-driven sporting and leisure good. This evolution of the sport has presented new challenges all cycling brands; challenges for which SIGMA SPORT is deliberately equipped to meet. It is the key reason why we are continually first-to-market with innovations like new battery lighting concepts, feature-rich heart rate monitors, inflation pumps with electronic pressure measurement - all at competitive price points.

Our products will always incorporate leading technologies- a proven, winning strategy in the sport and fitness categories in which SIGMA SPORT products are increasingly being distributed.

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