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The "Company mission" reflects the following activities:

• Customer Satisfaction
The main goal of the Company is the customer satisfaction through the development of products in line with the expectations of customers, the continuing assistance to clients and end consumers. The customer is followed consistently throughout the life of the product. The after sales is run with high efficiency, highly qualified staff and with an excellent response-times. The Quality System records and analyzes any reporting arrivals from the market and implement, where necessary, the appropriate corrective actions.

• Safety and Product Features
Bellelli produces products which need to meet the European Standards approval. In order to obtain and maintain the trust of the customers and comply with the laws, it is important that the products are safe, functional, with reduced environmental impact and an accurate and innovative design. Product certifications are issued by the top level Institutions.

• Quality of raw materials, components and involvement of Suppliers / Third-parties
During the production of car seats must be used components and raw materials of very top
quality and reliable production processes with a low impact on the environment. Bellelli therefore believes it is essential the involvement of Suppliers and Third-parties in the main choices and business objectives. This is made to ensure the customer the right product quality, the utmost professionalism, punctuality in delivery but also a quick and satisfactory answer to all the company needs. All suppliers adhere to the most severe supply requests with high specifications detailed .

• Involvement and participation of Bellelli staff
Bellelli recognizes the staff's main resource to achieve their objectives for quality and the environment, and takes charge of train them in the various fields of competence. All personnel must be aware of the objectives and should adhere and comply with the procedures of the Manual of Quality and Environmental Management Manual.

• Respect for the environment
The Company is committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of its environmental performance, minimizing, where technically possible and economically viable any negative impact of its activities on the environment. The company is involved in seeking technical and technological solutions, organizational and systems that allow them to prevent pollution.

Read more: http://www.bellelli.com



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