Luck spider 3.0 mtb pun. 41

Luck spider 3.0 mtb pun. 41

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Eriti kerge, jäik ja vastupidav süsiniktallaga...

Eriti kerge, jäik ja vastupidav süsiniktallaga maastikuking. Kerged, veekindlad ja hästi hingavad mikrofiibermaterjalid on kaetud hõbeioonidega, mis on antibakteriaalse toimega. Anatoomiline, hästi hingav sisetald on kaetud ON STEAM kattega. Reguleering kiirkinnituse ja pingutusrulliga. AIR SOLE STREAM ventilatsioonisüsteem. Profisportlasele.

The LUCK® cycling shoes manufacturing is specially aimed to the professional sportsman who is looking for the highest performance.

LUCK® shoes have been used for the 90´s greatest cyclists winning practically all the competitions:

  • The Cycling World Hour Record
  • Tour de France
  • Spanish Vuelta
  • World Championships
  • World Cup Championships

LUCK® cycling shoes export to more than 35 countries.

On the new generation models we use the most advanced technologies, a precise material selection and vanguard design:

  • Shoe last more comfortable and efficient.
  • New carbon soles 4 mm thick. The lightest and thinnest on the market.
    • Micro-fibres more resistant, excellent air-breathing, comfortable and lighter.

We keep doing our best with each one of the materials used on the LUCK® shoes manufacturing.

However, the quality extra value is reached thanks to our shoe masters contribution. The generational inheritance and the secrets of their trade are joined with precision and inventiveness to create the world´s best cycling shoes.

The high performance LUCK® shoes are:

  • Stronger
  • Lighter
  • More technical
  • Ergonomically improved
  • A better metatarsus foot lean
  • A better longitudinal foot arch support
  • An excellent foot-knee-hip line up

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