Bicycles Adriatica are characterized by originality, quality and total affidabile capacity. Indeed, the essential parts of the vehicles are designed and built within the Company with selected raw materials, entrusted to the expertise of a skilled workforce and expert. The finished product is always subject to strict control in, to ensure the customer in every aspect. Conduct engineering studies and scientific tests, especially on aluminum frames, and also road tests by professional racers. Adriatica is present on the Italian and foreign markets with exclusive outlets, which ensured a constant technical support and guaranteed quality commerciale. Tradition, constant innovation are the features and specifications prerogatives which Cicli Adriatica is referring in its production.

The company was founded in Pesaro in 1946, thanks to the enthusiasm and initiative of Umberto Cardinali, opening a workshop on a Morselli, in the historic center of the city. You just begun rebuilding, immediately after the end of World War II. The bicycle, This simple and popular means of transport, is a symbol of the desire to start.

The brand Adriatica is a message of optimism: an unfurled sail on a blue sky when flying seagulls. It is a simple image that reflects the places where the company was founded, a fertile land whose development model will later be universally recognized.
In the 1970 Cardinali sold the company to Luigi Domenicucci, already in the industry as an expert bicycle mechanic, which continues the work tenaciously, professionalism and good business sense. For more than 20 years the production is made in the new factory off Tuscany, in the industrial area of ​​Pesaro.

Today Cicli Adriatica produces a wide range of bikes for men, woman and child, traditional and sport. The use of special alloys has recently opened an outlet in the design and implementation of lightweight bikes, true jewels of design and mechanical perfection, identifying with the brand Wing.

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